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No. 2: Florida State

The pre-season spotlight is brighter on Clemson, a popular pick to return to college football’s national championship game. Clemson is advised, though, to keep an eye on Florida State, which is right on the Tigers’ tail....

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No. 2 Clemson

Clemson cleared a hurdle last season. The Tigers got past the cynics–looking for a “Clemson moment” when the Tigers would self destruct just when they appeared ready to make the giant step forward to the top of...

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No. 2 Clemson

No more “Clemson” jokes, folks, that was so circa 1900-to-late-season 2015. The joke to me now is how Clemson lost last year’s national title game only because it got “out-tricked” by Alabama Coach...

Already a must win situation for BC

(An outsiders musings about what’s going on at Boston College aka The Heights) In the grand scheme of things, Boston College’s opening game of the season in Dublin, Ireland against Georgia Tech is a mere footnote: a...

No. 7: Ohio State

Face it. The spark was missing at Ohio State last year. It seems foolish—no, ridiculous—to call a 12-1 season disappointing. But there’s no disputing that the Buckeyes left with a bad taste from the 2015 season that began with...

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