For Love of the game

A Tiger-less Masters Tournament will begin this week in Augusta Ga. You will not find the name Drew Dufresne on the leader board. You will not find the name Drew Dufresne in the entire field. This is not a surprise…

Final Four down to Final 2

thOK. We’ve reached the final weekend.
1. UConn vs. Florida–UConn won a regular season game against the Gators in Storrs, but the Gators were shorthanded. UConn is better now than it was in December, but so are the Gators
Pick: Florida
1. Kentucky vs. Wisconsin–Wisconsin is solid and steady and a pain in the butt to deal with. Kentucky has gone through a mine field as Coach Cal–Wichita State, Louisville, Michigan–without stepping on any mines. That journey continues.
Pick: Kentucky.