New BC coaching derby odds

Does anyone really know what is going on with the Boston College search for a new coach?

No. Everyone is just guessing, including myself. I just try to read the ripples in the currents coming down from The Heights.

As of Thursday  evening, here are my best guess odds on the contenders.

1. Tommy Amaker, Harvard– Nothing official yet. But Harvard says Amaker will be available on Monday to talk about the 2013-2014 Crimson team. What does that tell you about Amaker and BC?  We’ll keep him on the odds board until something is official. But we will also post new odds..

Old Odds:  3-2

New Odds: 50-1

2. Pat Skerry,  Towson–Lots of plusses, some minuses (recruiting practices have been questionable in some instances). But has energy and good instincts. If  Amaker is out, he’s the morning line favorite.  But does he fit into the BC mold?

Odds: 8-1

3. Mike Hopkins, Syracuse–Solid person, good pedigree, but it is based almost entirely around Syracuse. Never been a head coach. And when Jim Boeheim retires will he be gone in a heart beat? Does BC really hire a coach with NO head coaching experience


Odds: 15-1

4. Mark Schmidt, St. Bonaventure–Has done a nice job with the  Bonnies. Is a BC guy. But doesn’t raise the bar in the excitement level.

Tim O’Shea, Bryant–A BC guy. Was roommates with Schmidt and has done more with less at Ohio U and Bryant. Also has better recruiting pedigree as Al Skinner’s assistant at URI and BC, which means recruiting Athletes in the A10 and  Big East.

Odds: 15-1

5. Ben Howland–Long shot in terms of money required to get him and would he be interested? There are better jobs available. But he has won at Pitt and UCLA and has 3 Final Fours in three years, which no one else has. Could be long shot or runaway favorite.  For now, we’ll go with long shot. But what if he knocks on Brad Bates door? He might move way up the ladder. If Amaker is indeed out, he could become a player.

Odds: 15-1

6. The Field: Lots of names. , Tom Moore at Quinnipiac, even heard Bucknell coach Dave Paulsen mentioned, but he seems to be the latest version of Steve Donahue, good coach, good guy, who has never recruited at the fast lane level of the ACC, former coach Al Skinner, Celtic assistant Walter McCarty, Mike Lonegran, George Washington. Lonegran lobbied hard for the BC job when Donahue was hired. Obviously didn’t get it. Will he try again?

Odds: 50-1

.What I have learned over the years is at BC there are no surprise moves. Anything is possible.


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  1. Ben Dover
    March 27, 2014 at 11:47 am

    “Does anyone really know what is going on with the Boston College search for a new coach?

    No. Everyone is just guessing, including myself.”

    Blauds, appreciate the honesty. Much better to preface all these BS rumors pieces people are putting out there with this opposed to the old “sources”.

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