Cost could be rising for BC

Ca-ching. That was the sound that probably was heard in Boston College athletic director Brad Bates’ office after Harvard beat Cincinnati on Thursday afternoon in an NCAA East Regional second round game.
Throw in another win by the Crimson against Michigan State on Saturday and it will be heard again.
Bates is spending his days, gathering information and putting together a list of candidates to replace Steve Donahue, who Bates fired on Tuesday.
Reportedly, Amaker is on or near the top of the BC search list. He may be the entire list.
If Amaker comes, it will not be a budget move.
Donahue was making slightly more than $1 million a year. BC owes him two more years on his contract.
Amaker is reportedly making slightly more than 700,000 a year at Harvard.
The average coach’s salary in the ACC is $1.7 million. BC would probably have to come in with an offer of $1.3 million to $1.4 million to get Amaker and load it with incentives.
There would be wiggle room, of course, to make the deal work.
But what if, for whatever reason, a deal with Amaker is not done and he decides to stay at Harvard.
What would Bates’ plan B be?
An ESPN report said that former UConn Coach Jim Calhoun would be interested.
Calhoun retried two years ago, basically for health reasons. Now he is healthy and frisky again, with a competitive instinct at age 71, that is as strong as ever
Sources close to Calhoun said that, while he does feel good, he has said he has no idea if he wants to get back into coaching.
As a Boston area kid from Braintree, BC was once Calhoun’s dream job. He said he would have “coached there for nothing.”
BC never hired Calhoun, who went to UConn and became a Hall of Fame Coach.
When BC left the Big East in 2005, Calhoun had harsh words for the administrators who guided the Eagles to the ACC, saying that he no longer had an intention of playing BC as long as he was at UConn.
Times change, circumstances change, but BC President Father William Leahy, who was instrumental in the move to the ACC, still is in charge and it would seem doubtful if that relationship will get any legs.
There would be other options for Bates, if a deal with Amaker can not be made, including former UCLA coach Ben Howland, who guided the Bruins to three consecutive Final Fours.
But if BC wants to get into the mix of the ACC, Amaker remains the best option.

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  1. Big Shot
    March 21, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    After Va Tech hiring Buzz Williams, the chances of BC ever winning in the ACC have dropped significantly. I say they move down to the patriot League or AAC, then they can win. Duke,UNC, Louisville, Syracuse each year, means 1-7 start, at best each year. Va Tech will move ahead of BC, leaving a standoff with Wake for the basement each year.

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