No major changes likely at BC

Just a few thoughts, waiting for the Selection Sunday process to begin:
Boston College basketball fans, expecting a major change in the direction of the program after a 72 hour hold on word that Coach Steve Donahue is coming back, might be disappointed.
Donahue reportedly met with BC athletic director Brad Bates and BC President Father William Leahy on Sunday and while there remained a possibility that Donahue could be dismissed, the odds favored a joint statement coming out on Monday in support of the program.
Don’t be surprised if there is a shake up of Donahue’s staff. Bates could make a move to fire Donahue as well, but that seems to be the last option at this point.
It is still not a completely done deal, but all indications were pointing that Donahue would be back for his fifth season.
I hope it doesn’t happen, but most bracketologist predictions have Dayton making the tournament as one of the last four a-large selections. Nothing against the Flyers, but if they are one of the last four in, they play in a First Four game…in Dayton.
That’s just flat out WRONG. Imagine the team that makes the NCAA tournament as one of the last four teams and it is told it is going to Dayton on Tuesday to play…Dayton.
The committee has a rule that says no team can play in the same REGION if it is hosting a regional or sub regional game. It says that no team can play on a court that has been used more than 3 times for a team’s home games.
And if you think its only the first round and doesn’t matter. Well think about this. VCU made it to the Final Four a few years ago by starting its tournament run in a first round game in Dayton.
If Dayton does make the field and it plays a game in Dayton, the entire selection committee should turn in their resignations immediately.
Conference tournament play had a lot of exciting moments. It also had a lot of dead spots with empty seats and little noise. Give the new Big East credit. It staged a good show in Madison Square Garden, which had the feel of well…a Big East tournament on Saturday night as Providence beat Creighton. Congrats to former BC assistant Ed Cooley for taking the Friars to their highest moment in 20 years.
Committee no doubt had to have dual brackets available as Michigan and Michigan State played until the final moments before the selections were announced.
Guess here is that Michigan is locked into the No. 1 slot in the East even if it loses to Michigan State. A blow out loss might have boosted Duke or Virginia up a notch…No team is hotter now than Louisville, which should be on the
Sunday tournament games are counter productive. It is the one day in the season when no one outside of a small circle really cares about the results. Even a Duke-North Carolina ACC final is of only of minimal interest because everyone is focused on the tournament bracket.
I will post my final guess on the bracket sometimes between 5 and 6, depending on how the Michigan-Michigan State is going.

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