NFL must deal with Incognito aftermath

Things a Jerseyguy wants to comment upon:
The Richie Incognito Report compiled by the National Football League is now out and it does not case many, if any of the Miami Dolphins in a positive light.
The essence of the case was that Incognito, a Dolphin offensive lineman, was the leader of the pack of Dolphins players and apparently coaches, who verbally abused another Jonathan Martin.
There’s lots of nasty, juvenile stuff.
The questions that must be asked now is where do the NFL and the Dolphins go from here? How do you wipe out a mind set? How do you change a locker room culture?
Not looking good in this report is Dolphin offensive line coach and former Boston College captain Jim Turner, who, according to the report, was very much in the mix.
Changes must be made and will be made, but will they be enough?


The next big dog and pony show the NFL will give us is the Combine in Indianapolis next week.
The future NFL players will be poked, probed, tested and evaluated. Some will do more drills than others.
Here’s the question. Is too much information good or bad?
You an always point out that “too much” information is never bad. It’s what you do with that information that counts.
The Combine has evolved from a shadowy, closed shop evaluation process to one of the mega events of the off season.
Is it a foolproof system?
You can go back in history and look at players who were too drafted high because of Combine evaluations–the Colts picking QB Jeff George with the first pick of the 1990 NFL draft, generally regarded as the biggest draft mistake in franchise history, comes to mind.
And you can see players who were drafted despite some combine questions about character that were raised by the actions of players.
Former Washington State QB Ryan Leaf–another colossal draft failure–did some strange things in the Combine which should have raised some questions, but the guys with the stop watches, AKA NFL scouts and executives, thought otherwise and San Diego took Leaf with the second pick of the first round.
Here’s what a survey of 20 general managers taken by Newsday before the draft revealed about Leaf and Tennessee QB Peyton Manning, the other top prospect in the 1998 draft: “Manning may have the more recognizable name, but Leaf clearly is the preferred quarterback among league executives. Fourteen of the 20 polled said they would draft Leaf over Manning, citing the Washington State quarterback’s stronger arm, better mobility and more promising long-term prospect as a franchise.
The NFL Combine used to be something special, surrounded by an aire of mystery as information trickled out.
Now, in an age where there are few, if any secrets, all prospects are available to almost anyone, the Combine is just another way for the NFL to promote its product in a month which has very little football chatter after the Super Bowl.
More and more of the top prospects are cutting down on their Combine moments and saving them for their own personal draft day workouts.
The odds of the Combine shrinking are as long as of the NFL draft–which is now 3 days and nights in May–being reduced.
But sometimes less can mean more or at least better.


There is no denying that LeBron James is the face of the NBA. But it is hard to deny NBA Player of the Year honors to Oklahoma’s Kevin Durant who is putting up Hall of Fame numbers every night.
Want a sure thing (or as close as you will find)? The Boston College men’s hockey team will win another Frozen Four title for Coach Jerry York. After winning their 5th consecutive Beanpot title on Monday, BC is a sizzling 14-0-1 in its last 15 games.
Kentucky’s Rupp Arena will undergo a $310 million renovation after 39 years. Has it been that long since the Wildcat Palace, which was a state of the art building when it opened in 1975? Wow.
You have to give NASCAR drivers credit when they get into a feud. Take Richard Petty’s battle with Danica Patrick in which Petty told the website Wheel Ca. that Patrick could win a race “only if everybody else stayed home.”
Will the people in Congress yipping about the Washington Redskins name move to different subject, like doing a better job of running the country….How much will Saints tight end Jimmy Graham be worth on the free agent? Is he worth a look by the Patriots?
How’s job security going in Detroit where Maurice Cheeks got fired 50 games into his first season with the Pistons?…Winter Olympics in Sochi had a day time high of 61 degrees on Monday. The same thing might happen if the US hosted the Winter Games from say..San Diego, which is a loose geographic equivalent of where Sochi would be in the US.
Time Flies: Dodgers pitcher Josh Beckett is 33 coming off surgery to correct nerve damage in his pitching hand after an injury-shortened season in which he was 0-5 in 8 starts a year ago.

What was going on with the Philadelphia 76ers this week in which they lost a game by 43 points (after trailing by 49) and a game by 45 points after trailing by 57 points?
New Yankee pitcher Masahiro Tanaka and his $155 million dollar contract were introduced in New York earlier this week. Tanaka’s traveling party of 6, plus the family dog, made the trip from Japan in style on a chartered 787 jet which can carry anywhere between 210 and 330 passengers and cost Tanaka about $195,000 to charter.
When asked why Tanaka said through an translator. “There just wasn’t many choices of planes to choose from.”
One of the dumbest rule changes contemplated by the NCCA rules committee is to create a rule which would prohibit teams from snapping the ball until 10 seconds are run off the 40-second play clock. They want to SLOW down the game? Come on.
Good move by Churchill Downs to hire Larry Collmus (who is the voice of the Triple Crown now and has roots at Monmouth Park and Suffolk Downs) to handle their announcing chores full time, starting in April.
Yankee future Hall of Famer Derek Jeter will play one more season which means that each of Jeter’s final stops around baseball this season will be a celebration. No player handled the chores, duties and responsibilities of being a Yankee better than Jeter.
Quote of the week from golfer Robert Garrigus, who is competing in this week’s Northern Trust Open at the pristine, but traffic clogged Riviera Country Club in the Los Angeles area. “You get on these roads and it’s parking lot,”said Garrigus. “It’s the only city I’ve ever seen somebody sell flowers and newspapers on the freeway.”

RIP Dick Kelley

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  1. Chris Columbo
    February 15, 2014 at 8:41 pm

    I think scouting should be done the old fashioned way , by watching kids play in games and coaches recommendations. If Football were all about speed and strength, it would be full of Olympic Athletes. Jerry Rice was voted by some as the greatest football player ever, by his own admission he would not be a first round draft choice, if they went by statistics.

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