BC report: BC linebackers ready for life AL (After Luke)

We love Steele Divitto. Not just the kid–who although he lives in Connecticut–went to Don Bosco Prep in Ramsey, N.J. and can be included in the Jerseyguy universe.

But when you take the name and say Strong Side Linebacker, which the 6-foot-3 inch 245 pound Divitto will be playing for Boston College when it opens its season on Sept. 1 against Miami at Alumni Stadium, you can have even more fun.

But let’s get back to the name. Steele. Made for football, right? Must be some story behind this, right?

Well, there is. It seems that Divitto’s mother Rosemary is a Danielle Steel fan, the rich and famous author of American romance novels.

Oh, well. Back to football and BC football and what it will be like without the presence of two-time All American, Butkus Award winning LB Luke Kuechly, who was a first round pick of the Carolina Panthers last spring,

“”It’s more about a group this year than any individual,” said Divitto between two-a-day sessions on Friday morning. “Last year we had one guy (Kuechly) flying around covering up everyone’s mistakes. This year we don’t have that luxury. We have to play smarter. We have to play together.”

The group will include Divitto, Sean Duggan, Kevin Pierrre-Louis, Nick Clancy and freshman Steve Daniels as the epicenter of a defense that is still adjusting to new faces and positions in front and behind them on the defensive line and backfield.

“We are the core group and we have to perform well,” said Divitto, who has bulked up from the 235 pounds he played at last season. “We certainly have enough energy. No one is feeling sorry for themselves about what happened last year (4-8 record).

“The Miami game is looming,” conceded Divitto. “They have been on our mind since we walked off the field last season (with a win over the Hurricanes).  The Miami game is huge for us. We’ve been working towards it all during camp.   It’s going to build up until we get into game week.”

Divitto says he will be ready.

Can’t wait.


Eagles will have two more scrimmages during training camp. Sunday and Wednesday. They will break camp following the last scrimmage, take some time off and then really get into Miami preparation.

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