1st new CFB title game coming to Texas

The BCS will hold meetings in Dallas on Wednesday and Thursday with  the expected official announcement naming the Dallas area (Arlington, Tx) as the site for the first title game in January of 2015 expected to be made.

The two semifinal games will be played on New Year’s Day of January 2015 in the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl.

The other games in the new system–the Fiesta Bowl, the Orange Bowl and bowl games in Atlanta and probably Dallas will be slotted around the New Year’s Day period.

The new system will have five conference champions guaranteed spots from the Big Twelve, the ACC, the Pac 12, the SEC and the Big Ten as well as a team with the highest ranking from the remaining conferences, including the Big East. The  other at-large slots will be filled by teams from the other conferences and will be chosen by a selection committee which has yet to be formed.

The name BCS–Bowl Championship Series–will be retired and a new name will be chosen, most likely with a basic name such as The  College Football Championships sponsored by (fill in the blank).

The Big East will not be a major player in this group. In fact, Big East commissioner Mike Aresco was in New York on Wednesday, continuing his work on finalizing television contracts in football and basketball and continuing talks with the representatives of the Catholic 7 schools who announced they were leaving the Big East in December.

The first changes in the conference will begin next fall when a 10 team football league begins play with the departure of Pittsburgh and Syracuse and the addition of Central Florida, Memphis, Houston and SMU. Tulane and East Carolina will join the league in 2014 as replacements for Louisville and Rutgers, who are going to the ACC and Big Ten. In 2015, Navy is scheduled to join as the conference’s 11th team.

The Big East will  continue to search for a 12th member in football, with  Tulsa being a prime target.

In basketball, Aresco and the Big East are working on keeping the Catholic 7 in the league for one more season, along with Rutgers, Louisville and Notre Dame, which will mean an 18 team configuration for the 2013-2014 season.

When Rutgers, Louisville, Notre Dame and the Catholic 7 leave in 2014, the Big East will add Tulane and presumably East Carolina, which will be elevated to full membership status.

One of the main negotiating points will be the name “Big East” which the Catholic 7 group wants. Aresco and the Big East will listen and could agree to giving up the name,  with some concessions, one of which will include an understanding not to withdraw until July 1, 2014.

The Big East football group must find a place to hold its basketball tournament, which has been a fixture at Madison Square Garden in New York. Garden officials are expected to choose the Catholic 7 schools, which could send the football Big East to other place such as Philadelphia or Memphis.


Although it will not make any formal request for a change, the Big East is expected to full support any motion by the Big 12 to change the rules which allow conference championship games in football to be held with a minimum of 10 teams, rather than the current number of 12.

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  7 comments for “1st new CFB title game coming to Texas

  1. js
    February 10, 2013 at 8:56 am


    Any comment on the latest news about the NBC offer for the league. We trust you because to get the facts right because everybody knows ESPN has a stake in the bidding for TV rights for both the C7 and the football members of the Big East.

  2. Jamie Barnes
    February 7, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    Super. This is a nice coup for the Metroplex (Dallas-Fort Worth), which I think was unfairly robbed of being a major bowl city when the BCS system essentially stripped “major bowl” status away from the Cotton Bowl in favor of the Fiesta Bowl. So, for years you had the weird circumstance of Phoenix being the “home” major bowl destination for the Big 12.

    Well, college football in Arizona ain’t what it is in Texas. Arizona State and Arizona don’t come close to being on par as major football programs to Texas and Oklahoma, the two schools that should have been most taken into account as “host” teams for a BCS bowl just as USC was a power and “host” for the Rose and various SEC powers were “hosts” for the Sugar.

    But now the stadium and money’s in the Dallas area. The Big 12 is the resilient power of the power conference, arguably second-best after the SEC, even with Texas and Oklahoma going through a relative dry spell.

    If for no other reason, Texas deserves to be the site of national championships because it’s still the biggest producer of college football talent. Not only should it get the first one, but it should be the preferred site in most years, given the proximity to one of the nation’s busiest airports, the fact it’s in (duh) Texas, the climate-controlled stadium … and the buzz a big brawl in Texas makes for.

    To heck with New Orleans. Leave the Rose Bowl to the Pac-12 and Big 10 crybabies. Leave the Fiesta to Boise State and the crooks who run it. Leave the Orange to the watered down ACC. Texas is the site where the SEC and Big 12 do battle. That usually is going to mean “national championship.”

  3. WWS07
    February 6, 2013 at 5:52 pm

    The Big East conference is continuing on with new members just as every conference changes membership. The name of the conference should stay with the conference and not be negotiated away to former/leaving members. Although the C7 schools are bound by bylaws to stay until July1, 2015 if they want to negotiate an early exit they should be allowed to pay early exit fees and leave in 2014.

  4. jdjs
    February 6, 2013 at 4:33 pm

    How long do you think we have to wait until the TV contract is announced?

  5. Question - new to bowl stuff
    February 6, 2013 at 1:41 pm

    I get confused on this – so do the final 4 teams to play for champion come out of the six in the bowls or are they designated to play each othe as part of the bowls and then the championship game – this get really confusing

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