Last hurrah for Boeheim?

Things a Jerseyguy noted this week: No one has said anything officially yet, but I would take the odds that Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim will NOT  coach a game in the ACC. Boeheim grew up as a Big East guy at Cuse and the feeling here is that he will opt to step away at the end of this season rather than take two-hour bus trips from Charlotte to play a game at Clemson in February.

One of my many favorite memories of Boeheim, who won his 900th game at Syracuse earlier this week, was during one Big East tournament in New York City when a March blizzard sent most people connected with the tournament into a panic. “It’s just a little snow,” said Boeheim, wondering what the fuss was about.

And the people who down play how good a coach Boeheim is are either not paying attention or incapable of paying attention. In order for any coach to win 900 games at any level means that you have to AVERAGE  30 wins a year for 30 years. That’s hard to do at any level.


One of the keys to success for a football program is the way the athletic director and coach work together in putting together a schedule which can produce wins.

Former BC DOA Gene DeFilippo  did a great job in helping former BC coach Tom O’Brien build a string of bowl teams together because of scheduling. Unfortunately, there were other clashes between the two men which doomed that relationship. But a good AD can make a good coach a better coach simply in terms of scheduling.

In putting New Mexico State on the schedule for next season, new BC DOA Brad Bates gave a boost to new FB coach Steve Addazio. Not only was New Mexico State one of the few teams at the FBS level to have a worse record (1-11) than BC (2-10) this season, but Bates slotted New Mexico State for a November game at The Heights.

Chances are New Mexico State won’t be much better next season. Having them come to BC in November increases the odds of the Eagles playing a winnable game late in the year, By then New Mexico State could be game weary and taking a trip to Boston will be more draining than invigorating.  BC also might also need help in terms of becoming bowl eligible (Yes, right now that seems like a stretch). But every little bit helps.

Bates also put the Eagles game against Stony Brook (which never should have been scheduled) on August 31st-another winnable game–in Addazio’s debut.

Those are little things, but it also means that the Bates–Adddazio relationship is starting off on a cohesive note which could again turn the Eagles back into a bowl-eligible program.


We are in bowl season, which means, a game a day (outside of Christmas) right through the end of the year…Hope one of our favorite announcers, Sean McDonough, recovers quickly from major surgery to correct symptoms from something called superior canal dehiscence syndrome (SCDS), caused by a hole in the bone near McDonough’s left ear that separated it from his brain…Is a steroid scandal looming in college football? The Associated Press just completed a wide-scale investigation which disputes the numbers of a near zero rate in positive steroid tests among college football players….Is the coaching carousel done for the year? Probably not, as we wait to see if the NFL cherry picks some college coaches.  Oregon’s Chip Kelly and Alabama’s Nick Saban are the two coaches mentioned the most in all the rumors…Vegas wise-guys still have Alabama as a 10 point favorite over Notre Dame. 27-17 sounds about right. If Chip Kelly takes his quick pace offense to the NFL, say San Diego, wonder if he will try and get a QB to fit that style. Did anyone say Tim Tebow?. How can everyone be so smart on some things and so dumb on others? Ask the Jets. I can’t remember anyone who thought that bringing Tebow to the Jets was a good idea when they announced the deal last spring. Now the Jets are shopping both Tebo and starting QB Mark Sanchez who has been horrible this season, no doubt spending most of the year looking over his shoulder to see if Tebo was warming up. He was but he never came in for more than a series until last week. Go figure… Two NFL teams with good credentials who have to prove themselves in the playoffs are the Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. What are the odds of a Patriots-Falcons Super Bowl in New Orleans? There are probably better odds of having a Manning Super Bowl between Denver and the Giants….A big time Alabama booster got his hands on 12 tickets plus hotel rooms for the Bama-ND BCS title game in Miami and offered his family this option: Sell the tickets, distribute the money among the family and then fly to Vegas and watch (and presumably bet) on the game on television in sunny and warm conditions. The family vote was 3-2 to keep the tickets and see the game in person…With Tim O’Shea at Bryant, Bill Coen at Northeastern, Ed  Cooley at Providence and Mo Cassera at Hofstra, former BC coach Al Skinner has a nice coaching  tree blooming in the Northeast. Shame of the matter is that no one is willing to hire Skinner, whose track of record of success at the ACC and Big East level is well documented. And Skinner still says he has the fire in his belly to go out and build another program.


Next conference shake up move will be how the Big East reconfigures itself into a basketball and football conferences going their separate ways. The Catholic 7 will probably start out as a 10 team league–adding Xavier, Butler and let’s say VCU. ..Big East football will make first move West to Fresno State, if BYU continues to say No…Don’t count out the Big Ten making one more move. Georgia Tech  remains in Jim Delany’s sites and Tech will listen if the projected numbers of revenue climb past the $40 million per year mark as projected. If that happens, Big Ten will need another team to cap out at 16.  Did anyone say Virginia or North Carolina? Nah…



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  1. SJGMoney
    December 25, 2012 at 6:04 pm

    -Are you saying Boeheim is scared of Coaches K and Roy? That’s how it will look.

    -Why don’y you call a spade a spade and not just allude to it: Tom O’Brien was the biggest schedule whiner in the history of coaching. He wanted it padded as much as possible and if he did have a tough game he wanted a bye week beforehand. Every time he lost a big game, which was every time he played a big game, he cried and cried and cried.

    -That late season game against New Mexico State will give BC a chance to duplicate this year’s record as once again they beat one FBS team and one FCS team, assuming they beat Stony Brook.

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