Heisman race first SEC-ND battle of post season

Things a Jerseyguy noted this week: The build up for Saturday night’s Heisman Trophy presentation was the first SEC-Notre Dame confrontation of the 2012 college football post season. It was also an offensive vs. defensive story which comes up every few years when the Heisman is discussed. My ballot was 1. Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel 2. Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o 3. USC wide receiver Marqise Lee.  The tiebreaker for me was Manziel going into Tuscaloosa and beating Alabama.  And I’m not  buying the “freshmen don’t win Heisman theory”. It’s based on what a player does during the current season, no matter what his age. I can also understand why Te’o received the support he did. Great player, great season, great team. Tough call. I think that Lee was the most talented player I saw all season. But you have to be off the charts to win the Heisman when you are on a 5-loss team.


Nice to see the ACC presidents in a show of unity about their loyalty to their conference. Wonder how that loyalty will hold up if the SEC, Big 12 or Big Ten decide they want to go school shopping again? Big Ten moved East in expansion because it was concerned that someone would poach Penn State? Really? Who was going to go after the Nittany Cubs? The Big East?  The move was strictly a power move by Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany who got mad at the ACC and Notre Dame for messing up his Orange Bowl arrangement. That and a touch of greed. But thinking that Penn State was going to be leaving? Please…Coaching carousel continues. Cincinnati’s Butch Jones turns down Purdue, turns down to Colorado, expresses loyalty to Cincinnati and then takes the Tennessee job. Why can’t everyone simply tell the truth: It’s all about the money. Tennessee was the best job, paying the most money with the highest upside. What needs to be looked at is what happens to the “student-athletes” who the NCAA says is its prime concern. There needs to be some legislation written which allows players to transfer without sitting out a season if the coach that recruits them leaves in their freshmen or sophomore seasons. And let’s not hear the drivel about players making committment to schools rather than coaches. That does happen in some instances, but the majority of players sign because of the coach who courted them.


What are the odds that Oregon  football coach Chip Kelly will be coaching the Ducks by national letter of intent day in February? Kelly almost went to the NFL last season (Tampa) and looks like the next college coach to make the jump. If that happens, Oregon could make a run at Boise State’s Chris Petersen. And so the merry-go-around will continue.


One of the first moves that will be made in the Brad Bates/Steve Addazio era of BC football will be the announcement of a 12th game for the Eagles, which is also likely to be Addazio’s first game as the  Eagles’ coach. BC has open dates on August 31st and September 7th before it faces USC on Sept. 14th in Los Angeles. Only a limited number of schools have openings and Bates said that he is close to finalizing a deal, which could be a BC home game. Since Bates came to BC from the MAC and  Central Michigan has a spot open, that could be a possibility. Rice is also looking for a game…The Big East is going to need name cards at next summer’s meetings with the influx of new schools and new coaches. Maybe by then, we will actually know all the Big East schools. Did Notre Dame really receive more than 100,000 ticket requests for its BCS title game against Alabama in Miami on January 7th?


Colorado is still searching for a new coach. We said it before and we will say it again. Colorado could do worse than to bring in Tom O’Brien, give him a five-year contract and let him fix the program and hand the keys to a younger coach who can then take control. Cincinnati reacted quickly to the loss of Jones by going to Texas Tech to get Tommy Tuberville in a move which had to surprise most people.


Leave it up to Texas to make big plans in unexpected areas.  Talks are underway to use Texas Stadium–which hosts the NCAA Midwest Regional in men’s basketball next spring and the Final Four in 2014–to have four basketball games being played simultaneously next Veterans Day weekend. How that would work is mind-boggling, but then again it will be fascinating to see it work or not work. Texas Stadium is also the overwhelming favorite for the first ever Football Final Four national championship game in January of 2015.

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  1. Rex
    December 8, 2012 at 6:24 pm

    ‘I think that Lee was the most talented player I saw all season. But you have to be off the charts to win the Heisman when you are on a 5-loss team’.

    For me, the Heisman is an individual award. I understand that Lee has virtually no shot at winning because his team underachieved, but Lee is an outstanding player. His numbers would have been even better had he not been surrounded by other great receivers. I’d vote Lee #1 this year in what is a relatively weak field of candidates.

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