The picks: Tide rolls, Rutgers wins BCS bowl berth

Final week of the season and it’s time to make a push to get above .500 against the spread and finish the year with a flourish. After that, we can deal with the bowl games.

1. Rutgers  minus 3 versus Louisville.  BCS bowl at stake. Rutgers goes for its first ever BCS bid. Doesn’t get bigger than this in Jersey.

The pick: Rutgers 24, Louisville 17

2. Northern Illinois minus 5 vs. Kent State–Call this the BC invitational. Winning coach moves up in BC coaching Derby. Kent State has more at stake. Because of BCS regulations a win by Kent AND  a loss by UCLA against Stanford would probably put Kent in the Orange Bowl.

The pick: Northern Illinois 31, Kent 24.

3. UCLA plus 9 vs. Stanford–Pac 12 title game sends the winner to the Rose Bowl. Cardinal ruled last week and will rule again this week, which could be good news for Kent State if…Oh well.

The pick: Stanford 20, UCLA 17

4. UCF plus 1 vs Tulsa–Conference USA championship game which will be called the Big East championship game in future years. New Big East team UCF will go out with a flurry.

The pick: UCF 31, Tulsa 21

5. Alabama minus 7.5 vs. Georgia–SEC title game in Georgia Dome with the winner moving into the national championship game against Georgia. Wow. Tide has stumbled only once–against Texas A&M. Georgia has been underscheduled all season and it will catch up  with the Dawgs this time.

The pick: Alabama 32, Georgia 15

6.  Georgia Tech plus 14 vs. Florida State–ACC title game with winner getting a bid to the Orange Bowl. FSU is average team away from the state of Florida. Georgia Tech can score points. But will it be enough points?

The pick: FSU 38, Georgia Tech 31

7. Nebraska minus 2.5 over Wisconsin–Big Ten championship game. Winner goes to the Rose Bowl. Does anyone outside of the Big Ten and Pac-12 care. Not really.

The pick:  Nebraska 24 Wisconsin 21

8. TCU plus 6.5 vs Oklahoma–Oklahoma needs to win this game and have Texas beat Kansas State to get a Fiesta Bowl or possible Sugar Bowl bid. TCU just beat Texas, can it beat Oklahoma?

The pick: Oklahoma 48, TCU 42

9. Texas plus 12.5 vs. Kansas State–Texas is only playing a role of the spoiler here and by winning it helps Oklahoma. Not going to happen.

The pick: Kansas State 28, Texas 16

10.Boise State minus 9 vs. Nevada–Nevada has ruined Boise State’s season in the past. Not that much is at stake here (possible BCS bid for Boise win a win and some upsets). But paybacks are paybacks.

The pick: Boise State 42  Nevada 21

Last week: 5-5

Record to date: 76-44

Last week (against the spread): 5-5

Record to date: 62-66-2

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  1 comment for “The picks: Tide rolls, Rutgers wins BCS bowl berth

  1. Tom
    November 27, 2012 at 8:19 pm

    Rutgirls. Really. Wow I guess this is what happens to one’s common sense when they retire. Scoring 24 points is even funnier, unless it goes to 5 OTs.

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