BCS title game in 2015 to Dallas? Book it

Officially, it is an open process with a variety of choices for the first championship game of  College  Football’s  Final Four, scheduled to be played in January of 2015.

Ostensibly, the bidding is open to 6 sites–New Orleans, Miami, Glendale, Arizona and Pasadena,  Calif–sites of the Sugar, Orange, Fiesta and Rose Bowls–Atlanta and  Dallas (actually Arlington, Tx where Cowboy Stadium is located).


That’s like listing Western Kentucky and Ohio U  and San Jose State as being eligible for the BCS title game in Miami on January 7th. Sure they are eligible, but there is a better chance of television saying they will play World Series games on weekend days for the comfort and enjoyment of the fans or the NFL saying it will play a playoff game in Foxborough in January during the day because the conditions might be too harsh at night.

It  reminds me of the time back in 1984 when the Cotton Bowl and the Sugar Bowl were both chasing Boston College and QB Doug Flutie for their game.

The Cotton Bowl was represented by a legendary character named Jim “Hoss” Brock–he called everyone Hoss to cover up a propensity for forgetting names.

It was the weekend of the Harvard-Yale game, and Brock was in Boston trying to get BC. On the Friday before the BC game, Brock, wearing his Cotton Bowl green blazer, visited Harvard.

Naturally he drew a crowd and was peppered with questions about the Cotton Bowl’s interest and if Brock had Harvard on his list.

“Sure do, Hoss,” said Brock with a big smile. “Got them right here on my “H” list.”

Basically, the BCS title game will be in one of  two sites–Atlanta and Dallas–since the four bowl are deeply involved with trying to put the semifinal match-up sites and dates together as well as other business and the BCS wants to go outside the box for the first championship game at least to get the highest bid possible.

And it really is only one site–Dallas.

Biggest stadium, biggest bucks.

Relatively neutral site-at least marginally out of the SEC growing sphere of influence.

Easy access from anywhere in the country.

Case closed.

Secretariat in the Belmont.

Mark down the posting and the time 6:20 p.m. EDT on Sept 24th.

The other BCS business which is virtually done and will be signed is the deal which will set up a seventh BCS bowl slot for the team with the highest ranking from the non-AQ conferences and the Big East conference which has lost its drawing power.

That deal was largely hammered out by Conference USA commissioner Brit Banowsky and agreed to by the other commissioners because it eases the degree of guilt from exiling the Big East–one of the original BCS power conferences, as well as allowing the “Cinderella” team into the BCS mix.

In actuality, it is slanted to the  Big East, which has grabbed Boise State, the most likely highest ranked team from that original non-AQ group.

If a team like Ohio or Tulsa puts together a run, so much the better. But that deal is also basically done.

What must still be worked out, is the semifinal rotation, the dates and the composition of the selection committee.

That will take some more work and time.

But the championship game site?

Book it.

The 7th BCS bowl slot?

You can post that one as well.  6:42 pm. on Sept. 24th, 2012.




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  2 comments for “BCS title game in 2015 to Dallas? Book it

  1. September 25, 2012 at 8:28 am

    WHAT?!?!?! Jersey guy, you are telling me that my beloved, downtrodden, mistreated, ignored, and finally, finally, finally, somehow someway temporarily relevant Spartans aren’t going to play in the BCS title game? What is next, you gonna tell me that water is wet and that there is no Santa Claus? Thanks for killing my hopes and dreams. Don’t you have some baby seals to club? LET ME DREAM! SJSU is 3-1, WE WILL WIN IT ALL!!!

    Or not. Don’t worry about us out here on the West (Best) Coast. We are used to failure. We make up for crappy SJSU teams by inventing worthless phone apps and making millions every Tuesday.

  2. Sean
    September 24, 2012 at 7:37 pm

    So the Big East and Sun Belt basically have the same access to the new BCS? Awesome.

    How is that slanted? Big East champ could go 9-3 and lose out a bid to a 12-0 team from the MAC. A 9-3 Virginia Tech is playing in the Orange Bowl. A 9-3 UConn is not.

    It’s now official – Big East is non-BCS.

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