BC closing in on Frazier as AD

This is the way it should go down in the next few days at Boston College regarding the search for a new Director of Athletics. BC reportedly will hold a VP meeting on Wednesday in which Leo Sullivan, who has led the search to find a replacement for Gene DeFilippo, will talk about the process.
In that meeting, Sullivan will discuss Sean Frazier, Deputy Director of Athletics at the University of Wisconsin. Frazier appears to be the leading candidate and has already come to Boston for an initial meeting with Sullivan. Sullivan is also expected to mention other candidates, although there has been no confirmation of any one else who came to BC.
If there are no major objections to Frazier, Sullivan is expected to call him back to Boston for a meeting with BC President Fr. William Leahy.
If all things go well in that meeting, BC and Frazier should finalize contractual details.
Frazier, who grew up in Long Island, played college football at Alabama and then began a college administration odyssey which took him through New England and out to Wisconsin, where he basically ran the day-to-day operation as Barry Alvarez’s chief assistant, could then be in place to begin his duties at BC by Oct. 1.
Now having said this, we will also say that if a mystery candidate pops out of the box, we would not be stunned.
Charting the BC pattern in hiring coaches and AD’s has always been an adventure.
We remember when Chet Gladchuck had left and BC was in the process of searching for a new AD and was focusing on a pair of candidates, Marquette AD Bill Cords, who was a favorite of Father Leahy, and an associate AD at Michigan named Fritz Seyferth.
I tracked down Cords in Milwaukee. When I called, the first word out of his mouth was,”Leo?” I said, “”No”. identified myself as a reporter for the Boston Globe and Cords quickly backed off, saying that he was expecting a call from someone at Marquette named Leo. I hung up the phone and went through every administrative person at Marquette I could find and couldn’t find anyone named Leo,which was enough for me to confirm for me that Cords was expecting a call from Leo Sullivan.
Cords was not hired because he didn’t have the requisite experience with college football. The deal at Michigan was a different matter and when Seyferth’s name appeared in the media, BC officials went crazy and backed off.
Cords has retired and Seyferth left his alma mater after a 21 year administrative career. I would include him on the list, but Seyferth, who played football at Michigan in the late 60’s and early 70’s may be beyond the age limits BC is looking for in its new AD.
Such secrecy has always been a BC way of doing things. I also heard they were very close to hiring DeFilippo from Villanova and when I contacted Gene about it, he said things were looking good, but asked if I could keep his name out of the paper for a few more days.
It was a compromise, I thought, was worth taking and DeFilippo was hired a few days later.
The point of all of this is that when it comes to BC and the way it goes about the business of hiring and firing, expect the unexpected is always a safe mind-set to take.
Which means that while I fully expect Sean Frazier to be the next BC AD, I will not be stunned if it is someone else.

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  5 comments for “BC closing in on Frazier as AD

  1. Ronco
    September 20, 2012 at 11:41 am

    Do you know if Leo Sullivan has spoken to Bill Polian? I believe he is the most qualified person available given his connection to BC (he’s a BC parent) and he’s pro football success. He would bring immediate credibility to the school and the athletic program. The only questions are his level of interest and his salary demands. Could you check it out and maybe plant the seed in Leo’s head?

  2. John
    September 20, 2012 at 9:53 am

    The new AD MUST make a commitment to bring back men’s lacrosse, even on a non-scholarship basis. It is one of the few sports that BC has a natural competitive advantage and a sport where we can compete for a national championship. The Big Ten has recently figured this out with Mich, Ohio State and Penn State adding men’s lax.

    • Mark
      September 20, 2012 at 9:58 am

      I think lacrosse is definitely on the list to be looked at seriously

  3. Jamie
    September 20, 2012 at 8:26 am

    Couple of thoughts:
    – Wisconsin might be the best proxy for BC outside of ND – Strong academics, updstanding football / hoops / everything-else, disproportionate amount of students from New York, etc
    – I like the football reputation at Wisconsin too – linemen and more linemen. that’s BC football.
    – My only worry is that Frazier will bolt for Wisconsin if the gig opens…

    FYI – Great article and insight. Loved the background story on the Gene search.

    Lastly, would be cool to know if you think Frazier is a good choice and how u rank the choices….

    • Mark
      September 20, 2012 at 10:00 am

      From the candidates that have been flushed out, Frazier would seem to be near the top. If there are candidates who are in the mix, I haven’t flushed them out yet.

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