Monthly Archives: August 2012

What is the NCAA doing?

OK.  Explain this one. The NCAA looks into the charges of academic fraud at North Carolina and concludes that while that might have happened, the opportunity for academic fraud–fake grades, getting credit for not attending classes–was open to all NC students, not just student-athletes, so there were no NCAA violations committed.

Michigan ready to be The Victors again

Is Michigan ready to be Michigan again? If you saw last season’s bounce back  Sugar Bowl team, then you probably say Yes to that question. If you plan on being one of the millions of college football fans who will be watching what is clearly the marquee opening week match up on Saturday night between defending…

Rutgers, Tulane: Shame on You

Let me get this straight. New Orleans is still getting pounded by rain. More than 700,000 people in Louisiana do not have power. Trees are down. streets and neighborhoods are flooded And Rutgers and Tulane WON”T postpone their game on Saturday because they can’t find mutual dates to reschedule?