A Jersey Guy Takes Note of the World

NFL should have deflated Deflate Gate

The Week That Was: Enough of DeFlategate right? Well, not quite. One last observation about the nonsense which is ENTIRELY the fault of the National Football League and Commissioner Roger Goodell. Here’s why. Everyone says this was, at worst, a minor violation. The NFL should have looked at the evidence in January. Taken some time…


American Pharoah is royalty

The Week That Was: The chatter grew louder each day. Story after story looking for ways why American Pharoah will not end the Triple Crown winner drought on Saturday afternoon at Belmont Park. Same story, we’ve heard for years. The race–a mile and a half–was too long. The Derby is a mile and a quarter,…


Brady bunch is shrinking

The Week That Was: Remember when the Patriots were a united front, even if it was often an “us vs. the world” mind set? Not so much anymore. And the amazing part is that the Patriots appear to have started to put some distance between one of their own–QB Tom Brady. Brady is still arguably…